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Danielle Dvora Elhananov
Co-Director Yardeni Group
This article was written by Danielle Dvora Elhananov.
Danielle has 5 years' experience in managing large groups of people from all over the world. She specializes in operational management. She has managed multiple squadrons with over 200 soldiers, commanders and officers. She transformed one of the most disorganized squadrons in the army, into one of the most effective, disciplined and morally driven squadrons.

She has worked with the Israeli ministry of education, welfare and municipal affairs. Danielle was often sent on short-term positions in order to improve the organization's character, drive results and improve efficiency, discipline and order
Danielle Dvora elhananov
5 Tips To Be More Productive For All Business People
A Blog for Business People That Want
To Be More Productive
"It makes no sense for one person to do all tasks, the concept of a "complete leader" does not exist, learn to believe in your people, hand them tasks and responsibilities."
"Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend" (Theophrastus)

Time is another concept which revolves around at us at every moment, we measure time and time measures us. The people in our surrounding evaluate and value us according to the time it takes us to; complete a task, progress, how we act and how we speak. We give ultimatums to ourselves and others, we promise ourselves that "by this time" we will accomplish so and so, in the end, we usually get angry that the time has passed and we did not achieve what we set out to do. We are afraid of the times that are coming, all of a sudden, we accelerate, then slow down, then rush, then stand in place again. For hundreds of thousands of years people have been trying to explain this vast and amorphous concept (time).

There are lots of explanations, approaches, attitudes and opinions, time is such a complex thing to explain, rather than explaining time, it's time to use time to our advantage!!

It's time to stop messing with philosophy and start conducting ourselves in front of time in a more effective way, the time has come that we control time and not it us.

Tip #1. What is not written does not happen! -

How many times a day do you find yourself wandering around cluelessly, trying to remember the task you talked about moments before, or tasks you wanted to do during the day but you pushed them aside, because you were too busy extinguishing fires?

Here are two key pieces of advice that will help you prevent these situations:
• Arrange a list of tasks / reminders in order of priority that you need to accomplish in general.

• Find a platform or create your own that you can write all your tasks. The platform needs to be accessible wherever you are (from your phone, from your laptop, with WI-FI or without WI-FI). Do not write your tasks anywhere else! Always work neatly and organized.

Tip #2. How to Arrange Your Daily Schedule -

Choose a scheduling platform that works for you and divide it into 30-minute timeslots (if you usually have a packed schedule, split the schedule into 15-minute timeslots) so that there will be no wasted time. Improve the usage of your time and others will learn from you.

Once you have your schedule divided into timeslots, set the tasks you have chosen, by the order of priority from the list of tasks you have prepared in Tip #1.

Here are my recommendations for timeslots that should be in your schedule everyday:

An hour or two of office work – do this while your concentration is at its peak, the time of day that you find yourself most productive. During this time - put your phone on flight/silent mode, notify employees/colleagues that they cannot contact you at this time.

Start your day one hour before everyone - if you know how to take advantage of this time correctly, it will be your most productive time during the day and you will start your day in a more relaxed and balanced state.

Reading emails / phone calls - yes, these little things are the biggest time-wasters, the time-wasting remedy - planning and scheduling. Make sure to put in half an hour at the beginning of the day, half an hour in the middle of the day, and fifteen minutes at the end of the day.

Roam around - Spend half an hour every day and walk around the office/store (if you're in a corporate office, spend time to visit all employees from "entry-level" to executives that you do not regularly meet), create new interactions with unfamiliar employees/departments you are not acquainted with.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner (try to plan each meal in advance).

Exercise (try to plan the kind of exercise you are going to do in advance).

Take half an hour break after lunch - I call this time "dead time" the body is tired and we are not so focused, take your time to rest, this is a good time to focus on personal conversations with family / friends.

Read a book – take 15 minutes+ every day to read a book. Self-education and imagination will help you progress in every area of your business. Do this at the end of the day.

**6 hours of sleep is necessary every day and is considered part of the schedule.

Tip #3. ! Caution ! Beware of Time Thieves -

This can be people / events / external factors that simply make your time ineffective.

This can be a company employee who starts talking and it seems that the end of the conversation will never arrive, meetings and discussions that extend and do not reach a point or summation, 'scrolling' on social media, (non-emergency) personal phone calls that come at the expense of other things in your schedule. Fight off these "Time Thieves" as much as you can, constantly be aware that there is such a thing as "Time Thieves" and make an emphasis on identifying the "Time Thieves" and preventing them at all costs.

Tip #4. The Power of Delegation -

I have countless positive things to write about delegating authority, but today I will only touch on the issue of time management.

Your ability to delegate in a smart and orderly manner will save you valuable time and transform you from an employee to a manager.

It makes no sense for one person to do all the tasks, the concept of a "complete leader" does not exist, learn to believe in your people, hand them tasks and responsibilities. You'll quickly see how you are being freed and given the ability to see the big picture in the boundaries of your role (or more). Remember, if you are busy all-day pursuing tasks and not managing them, you will not be viewed as a manager but an employee.

Tip #5. Summarize Your day, Every day -

Put for yourself a summary timeslot at the end of everyday - go over the checkboxes you marked 'done' and the boxes you did not get around too. Take your time and analyze what you want to improve on, what you did well (in order to repeat for the next day) and what you would like to execute for the next day, make sure to write this in your task page. (From Tip #1)

In addition, within the summary timeslot, set aside time for planning the next day, which includes the schedule & the tasks you are going to accomplish in the next day.

Always end the day with certainty and most importantly enthusiasm for the next day!!
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