Anabel Capital is a global consulting firm that is committed to creating wealth for our clients in the public and private sectors, through strategic modeling and global market opportunities. Driven to succeed, Anabel Capital is built on a highly motivated group of experts that possess integrity, experience, contacts and skills required to maneuver through today's global environment. These individuals have many years of experience in the international arena, working with industries, governments, international financiers, banks, and academia. This solid foundation and extensive knowledge base provide our clients the advantage of working with a firm that offers an integrated range of consulting knowledge and experience.

The Principal Partner "Nicholas Okoye" was responsible for training thousands of Finance, Banking and Capital Market Professionals over a five year period, (2001 to 2006) in all fundamentals of Strategic Asset Management, Project Structuring and Finance, and Capital Market Product development, Trading and listing. Anabel Capital Advisory has been duly certified and accredited by the Centre for Management Development (CMD).

Our headquarters is in Washington D.C, with an operating office in Nigeria. These are the strategic decisions to ensure we capitalize on the state- of-the-art business information that provides clients with a unique, yet functional approach.

Our objective is to be a premier resource in the investment landscape through structuring of sophisticated financial Products, detailed Analysis, Management and creative solutions to the challenges of financial reforms in Nigerian economic environment. We are dedicated to supporting the Financial Regulators with the depth and knowledge required to build an efficient Finance and Capital Market in Nigeria. Our dedicated team of business solution experts shall be pleased to meet with you at your earliest convenience to make a formal presentation on how we can partner with you.


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