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Yardeni group
The Catalogue
Some of the works with a touch of ideas.
New York, United States
Alpha Blu Skin Care
Stem Cell Skin Care Line
The Challenge
- The marketing focus was male.
- Not enough sales
- Prices too low for a product with a revolutionary secret ingredient.
- No distribution/retail strategy
The Solutions
- Full rebranding of all online assets using Shopify as the framework
- Launched new FB & IG campaigns, with a focus on female prospects
- Increased prices by 300% to prove effectiveness costs
- Created general guidelines & connections for potential retailers/distributoes
The Result
- Over 1000% increase in sales
- Over 2k new IG followers
- System created for signing on retailers/distributors with attractive incentives
Moscow, Russia
Kabbalah Centre
Spiritual Organization
The Challenge
- Decrease in new students walking through the door YOY
- Slow project turnaround
- Reputation needed a boost
- Weak conversion % with walk-ins
The Solutions
- Full rebranding of all online assets
- Launched new FB & IG campaigns, with a focus on "low hanging fruit"
- Created new fee structure to increase overall conversion %
- Re-branded all marketing pieces
- Built new internal marketing team
- Managed communications between all departments
The Result
- Over 200% increase paid memberships
- Over 3k new IG followers
- Increased total projects completed on a monthly basis by 500%
- Bookstore sales increased by 40%
London, United Kingdom
Simply Winch
Real Estate - Short & Long Term Rentals
The Challenge
- Outdated Site
- No new organic traffic
- Few referrals from existing clients
The Solutions
- Full rebranding of all online assets
- Added functionality to the site that can receive deposits instantly
- All 130+ rooms visible online for all to see
The Result
- Over 25% new organic traffic
- Referrals increased by 15%
London, United Kingdom
Devonshire Green
Accounting Firm
The Challenge
- No internal ability to track which mediums are driving results
- Low monthly inquiries
- Inefficient sales funnel
The Solutions
- Launched PPC and Social Media paid campaigns
- Setup tracking pixels for Google Analytics and FB Business Manager
- Created LinkedIn Business Page
- Created referral program
The Result
- 500% increase in organic and paid traffic
- 100% increase in new form submissions
Additional Works
Brooklyn,United States
Le Panache Loft
Hair & Beauty Salon
One-of-a Kind Menu
We took Vogue and Cosmopolitan and created a menu of services for the high end salon.
New York, United States
Blue Horizon International
Stem Cell Research
Moscow, Russia
Zoar Cafe
Kosher Restaurant
Zoar Menu
Beautiful, clean and simple. We shot all the food photography, created the layout and design and printed a physical menu for the Zoar Cafe.
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