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Danielle Dvora Elhananov
Co-Director Yardeni Group
This article was written by Danielle Dvora Elhananov.
Danielle has 5 years' experience in managing large groups of people from all over the world. She specializes in operational management. She has managed multiple squadrons with over 200 soldiers, commanders and officers. She transformed one of the most disorganized squadrons in the army, into one of the most effective, disciplined and morally driven squadrons.

She has worked with the Israeli ministry of education, welfare and municipal affairs. Danielle was often sent on short-term positions in order to improve the organization's character, drive results and improve efficiency, discipline and order
Danielle Dvora elhananov
The Secret of All Successful Business People
In this article we will explore the major differentiating factor between successful business people and less successful business people.
"There is something that blocks us from making mistakes that help us progress, from being open minded and getting something different from what we think"

How many times have you encountered an unsatisfied customer, and this came as a shock to you that the customer is unsatisfied and that you haven't met their expectations?

How many times have you been terrified at the thought that you should talk to the CEO, or your boss about something you did, show some presentation, talk to a colleague from work about an idea that you have or a project you're working on?

How many times have you thought to open your mouth and offer an idea or a comment but stopped yourself just at the thought of being criticized or getting any feedback or comment on what you thought of saying?

Even if the reaction is positive there is something that blocks you from being open to receive criticism, feedback, advice or other opinions that are not your own.

How many times have you pushed off a feedback call with one of your employees/colleagues/boss just to not give them criticism/feedback on the task they had to perform? You've probably thought to yourself "Will they stop liking me all of a sudden or G-d forbid will it create antagonism against me" – the opposite is true!

There is something that blocks us from making mistakes that help us progress, from being open minded and getting something different from what we think, all just to not accept or give feedback.

Dear friends, I have news for you, you block yourself and those around you from learning during the process and gaining constant success.

You are the one who stands as a wall blocking your success.

There are two fundamental differences between a successful businessman and a less successful businessman:

1. The successful businessman will be in a proactive place and will encourage receiving feedback and criticism from a place of modesty and desire to receive help and learning, while the less successful businessman will live in a bubble believing that he/she has nothing to learn but to "teach" – that it is not necessary to receive help and just be the "helper".

2. The successful businessman will be in an open place, ready for new ideas, ready for different tips and conclusions, while the less successful businessman will be locked into the norms of outdated and habitual behaviors for years only because they are afraid of the change.

And just for fairness, in let's reveal and see both sides of the coin - imagine this for a moment; a reality without feedback - it would be grim, full of unchangeable circumstances and mediocre to say the least. This reality will leave us fixated on an existing and blind reality in which we are not able to see things in a clean and objective point of view.

The central factor on the road to your liberation and attainment of success is this tool called feedback.

Feedback meets us almost every moment of our life, whether consciously or subconsciously, we have two options, to be vigilant, to recognize these moments and to give them a stage, or to ignore and deny those moments.

The idea for feedback has a very simple logic, it is a safe way to success, but there is a very important condition to meet in order to implement the feedback to perfection.

It's the ability to receive the analysis with an open mind, to receive the external perspective in a professional and calm manner, and be ready for constant change and learning.

Without these abilities, feedback is worthless and meaningless.

This is a simple equation, if you do not have the ability to receive feedback, success will not come and it may come by way of miracle but it won't be stable and long-term.

Feedback is an educational and managerial tool that contributes to managing interpersonal communications through proper and healthy interactions with employees/colleagues.

Get accustomed to scheduling feedback into your and your employees personal daily routine, on occasions such as; after a personal interview, after a meeting with staff, after a phone call, after a project you've been working on — from the small to the large — do not leave any opportunity behind.

Create an organizational culture in which people give feedback to themselves and others automatically, for the sake of bringing improvement and learning to every situation.

To achieve this, you must throw the unhealthy ego away and toss "mediocrity" from the window of the tallest building.

Put this tool (feedback) in place and turn it into a tradition in your business and set it on the schedule every week that there is a weekly summary meeting. (Call it any name you want, the title doesn't really matter, rather the content and essence of it.)

This is what a new reality looks like where feedback is a prominent force:
- You and your employees are constantly vigilant.
- The margin of error will increase.
- Learning will be more effective and quicker.
- Each person's self-awareness in the company will constantly be increasing.
- Your clientele will feel that he/she is receiving an answer, and as a result, the level of trust will grow.
- The workers will feel blessed for being in a company that does not give in to itself or allow mediocrity.
- An environment that is challenging and encourages growth in all areas.

In the end, you are also helping those people that have already given up on themselves, you won't just be creating an effective and advanced culture, you will also be able to help each individual, on your right-hand side and right in front of you.

Isn't that why you're reading this, right?

So come on! By tomorrow you can change your own life and enrich it while a taking the necessary steps that will lead you towards success.

There's nothing to hesitate about. Just schedule tomorrow time for feedback after an event or meeting or a short conversation, anything!

You will begin to see just how much your change will affect others in a personal and business way, you will start to experience the joy of transforming a moderate and fearful person to excel and be brave!

How do we turn this theory to a reality?

In the next blog we will learn how to give feedback for every kind of person using the "Sandwich System". We will learn how to be careful in our way of conveying feedback and leading it ethically and professionally.

Go to your notebook now!
Write down three conclusions you learned from this blog.

Three points for conservation

Three points for improvement

Treat yourself to a little feedback
Or if you're feeling brave enough to ask your colleague or even your boss to give you feedback.

When you come from a proactive place, you will be the master of yourself, you will seek to be better.

Don't forget to schedule feedback with one of your employees tomorrow.

Are you ready to continue paving the way for success? I'M ready!
I'll wait for you on the next blog,

All you need is a great desire to bring about change for yourself, those around you and throughout the world.

See you all later!
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